Case Study: Early Years Music Education Provider

Promoting individual classes based on age

We get to work on lots of different projects and when we were approached to produce videos for the national franchise Monkey Music, we jumped at the chance!

Now the reason for this might not quite be what you think, James our Video Director used to work for an early years provider producing weekly video content for them and had heard lots of great things about Monkey Music. He had also heard a lot of the songs before as they were on the lips of most parents who came through the front door after listening to them in the car on the way to the nursery.

The Brief

Monkey Music were having a new website designed and built for them and wanted to replace some of their older media content and bring it up to date with new videos. Each video would be a taster of what parents could expect to see and get up with their child in the class specific to their age group.

We spent 3 days filming with them on location in London and in Oxfordshire, filming the individual classes to capture all the moments we needed to tell the story of the class. Each day was a 2 camera set up with an overall wide shot of the class itself and then a roaming camera that got right in amongst all the action. This is where our Video Director James relished filming in this style because this is exactly how he produced over 100 videos when working in early years. By engaging with the children and being right there with them (even when the drums were being beaten!) it meant that the videos became more engaging and the children became so used to the camera that one or two of them tried to take bits of it home with them!

It was so difficult to narrow it all down to 60 second videos for each class because we met so many happy smiley babies that couldn’t stop giggling throughout and bouncing along to the music.