Education Providers

I’ve filmed and produced video content for a range of education providers from nurseries all the way through the private schools.

Taking advantage of video means that schools, colleges and nurseries can all showcase to parents and other education providers what they are doing and how they are providing a great stepping stone for children.

Schools and Colleges

As part of an all-in-one package which included producing on the ground, filming and post-production for an overview video of the Pickwick Learning and Teaching School Alliance. The alliance includes schools, colleges and nurseries all pooling and sharing resources across their sites in Wiltshire, Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Filming involved going to 6 different settings with interviews with staff who work across the sector from Headteacher’s all the way down the chain, giving their experience of the benefits that each of the settings have from sharing resources and staff.

Early Years

At the other end of the spectrum, Early Years Providers have woken up to how powerful video can be, especially when used to show parents what their child is getting up to at nursery.

Before moving into corporate video production, I spent two years working for Early Years provider Snapdragons Nurseries for 4 of their 8 nurseries, producing weekly video content for parents to see on the website and across social media.

From this experience, I was contracted by Monkey Music, the UK’s leading provider of Music education for under 5-year-old’s to produce a short series of trailer videos to promote their classes to prospective parents.

Each video was tailored to the class with 4 days spent filming with each age group to create these trailer videos.

This project was in conjunction with MAXX Design.