Case Study: Real People True Stories

A series of videos for a social media campaign

If there is one aspect of stereotyping that the media have indulged – it is of the image presented of people who live in social housing.

The reality is that only 7% of people living in social housing are unemployed. Yet the public image would have us believe this is much higher.

Real People Tue Stories is a campaign to showcase the incredible lives of the tenants of social housing provider SOHA Housing.

Making Series 1

We spent 8 days filming on location filming 8 true stories. From a former RAF pilot who broke an international record, to a novelist, to the drummer of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

Meeting all of these incredible was inspiring. Not just because of their stories, but because of who they were as people. They were all so welcoming and friendly, especially as many of the films had us filming in their homes.

Our favourite Story

The story which resonated most with us was Amy’s Story. Amy is a single mum, studying for a degree and working every hour that she can so she can provide for her daughter.

On the surface, you might think that this sounds like a Benefit Street’s story. What makes Amy’s Story so profound is that she is actually doing something to improve her life and social housing was there as a safety net when she needed it most. Her determination is inspiring and its why her story was selected as Episode 1.

The first series of Real People True Stories was a tremendous success and brought a huge increase in engagement and awareness with many people taking to the YouTube videos to voice how much the videos had affected them.

Series 1 has also been nominated for CIM Award for Best Integrated Marketing Campaign for SME’s.

Series 2 and Beyond

Since Series 1 we’ve gone back to produce a Christmas Special, with Courtney who runs a charity delivering over 6000 presents a year to those in need at Christmas time and throughout the year. She was inspired to do this for the memory of her Grandmother and has been doing it every year since she was 13.

Following on from the Christmas Special, we came back in the summer of 2017 to film 6 new stories for Series 2 focusing on 6 new tenants across South Oxfordshire. Again these 6 people were just as welcoming and inspiring.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best campaigns we’ve been involved with!

Behind the Scenes

You can see more of what we got up to on the shoots in these behind the scenes videos where we braved nearly falling in rivers and getting lots of kisses from lots of dogs!

A selection of videos from this project