Promotional Videos

The main staple of any camera operator and editor working in corporate video production is the promotional video. If you’ve not made your way into video before, then starting with an overview is a brilliant way to get on the video train.

Overview video

MapCargo is an international shipping company and wanted a short overview video made that outlined who they are, what they do and how they can help people distribute their products overseas.

The video was to sit on the homepage of their website so it is one of the first things that anyone landing on the page will see.

It comprises of a mix of footage filmed on location at their distribution centre, from within the HQ and mixed in with stock footage. Stock footage was used to simulate their larger transportation methods such as shipping across the North Atlantic and air freight, all of which would have added additional cost to the production if were filmed on location – or indeed from the air.

Video Series

When planning out shoots with clients, very often it becomes clear that there is a lot to try and pack into the video. Instead of one 10 minute video, why not break the content down further into 5 or 6 2 minute videos. This way you get to maximise the content and utilise more time during the day filming.

Orion Electrotech is a Berkshire based recruitment agency who continuously rank in the top 100 companies to work for in the UK. When they were looking into video, they wanted a series of videos to sit across multiple pages of their website to grab the reader’s attention quickly and answer the questions that they might have and would be looking for by visiting that page.

The video below was put together as part of a series of 8 videos looking at some of the specific reasons as to why job seekers would want to work at Orion Electrotech, specifically how the culture and work ethic at Orion differs from their competitors.